Survivre à une chute de Container…ça c’est fait !

Pour info les 3 personnes ont survécu à l’accident, et s’en sortiront sans séquelle après leur séjour à l’hôpital

Incredible: A woman in a car crushed flat when a shipping container fell on top of it gives the thumbs up through a crack in the bodywork to indicate she is somehow still alive

Terrifying: Firefighters arriving at the scene in Qingdao in eastern China's Shandong province were convinced that nobody could have survived the shocking accident

Saved: Firefighters were amazed to discover that despite the vehicle being crushed into a barely recognisable shape, both passengers were alive. The woman was even able to be pulled out through a broken window

Miraculous: Incredibly the woman was easily pulled out the wreckage with little more than cuts and bruises. The man travelling with her (pictured left) was in a more serious condition and needed to be cut free

Accident: The lorry driver claimed that his vehicle shed its load after he swerved to avoid a third vehicle in front of him, which had slammed on its brakes

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